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Sufficient amounts of information on pages where you explain your products and services are crucial for you to be able to collect requests.


It is one of the most common problems of companies. It is important to reach new customers and better use the capacity while serving customers whose contracts are still in effect. One of the most important sources of new potential customers to request quotes or appointments from you is digital marketing. There are many platforms where targeting options are available such as Google, Facebook and Instagram advertisement.


On which platforms do you place advertisements?

We can divide new potential customers into 2; those primarily looking for your service or product. One of the best ways to reach these people are Google Search advertisements.

Second, those that potentially can be your customers or have not required your product or services, yet. If your product is an innovative product, users need to understand in which fields it is used and for which it provides a solution. Those who are not actively searching are reached through Google Visual Advertisement Network, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Why do form advertisements matter?

Visitors directed to your web page fill out forms about your page if they are interested after analyzing product/service details. Special pages can also be designed next to the forms available on the product and communication page of your webpage. You must make sure that the forms run flawlessly both on your desktops and mobile phones. Multiligo team will provide support within this period to increase the rate of your forms being filled.


New Customers

Creating web sites, form pages

When they visit a site, visitors would like to have satisfactory information about the product/service. If they intend to purchase a service, they would like to receive information about the process and take a glance at references. For this reason, the contents of pages incorporating the forms are important. One of the metrics required to be followed is the percentage of people who visited the site and filled the form; this is called the form rotation rate. In the adjacent table, you can see the rotation rates in different sectors.

Requests to CRM integrated and Sales Team

Quick responses to requests coming from forms increase the sales amounts. For this reason, it must be ensured that requests are responded to rapidly or if a CRM system is used, its integration is performed and the sales team is quickly called.

Turning requests into sales, optimization

The advertisement platforms and campaigns from which advertisements come are examined after the sales team evaluates the requests. By this way, the distribution of monthly advertising budget that is predetermined to platforms is rearranged with the purpose of increasing the quality of requests.

Facebook & Instagram Ads (Lead Forms)

The potential customer finding advertising model is to create demand for the products and services of brands on Facebook and Instagram channels. For this, brands usually use ads where they direct consumers to fill out a form where they can get their contact information. Moreover, since this information can be obtained with a single touch, people are more eager and the company is known to have a much higher lead generation rate.

Live chat and email sending

We know that a small percentage of site visitors fill the form, there can be a better page and form design to improve this. One of the new consumer habits is messaging, you can add a system allowing you to instant message with visitors instead of waiting for them to fill the form. By this way, they can ask questions about products/services instantly. 

Sending mass emails is one of the most traditional ways of digital marketing. It can be said to be one of the most effective marketing methods even though it is declining among consumer trends. You can send mass emails to remind your potential customers for whom you have provided quotes yourselves and to inform them about new products/services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A medium and long-term digital marketing method to reach new customers in addition to advertisements, SEO (search engine optimization) allows you to be listed at the top by web pages on search engines. By this way, users searching on search engines click on your site and fill the form.

of our projects

Here are some statistics from companies and organizations that we provide demand generation service for.


We increased the requests of more than twenty companies.


Thousands of companies filled out the request forms.

Live Chat Conversation

Thousands of live chats were made.

Number of Industry

Thousands of proposal sent

Demand Generation References

00 19 1
Untitled 1 Recovered 40
00 14
00 13
00 15

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New Potential Customers

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