Google Ad Grants

You can expand the sphere of influence by using the ad grant from Google valued at $10.000 monthly for you non-governmental organization.


Google provides an advertisement budget valued at 10.000 US Dollars monthly for non-profit organizations like yours within the scope of Ad Grants program. This is a regular balance that can be spent on Google ads platform rather than a financial aid. All non-governmental organizations meeting the qualification criteria for the program are able to tell their stories to people with this budget defined on their Google Ads accounts and this way, they can use it to increase their grants. The more frequently your ads appear adjacent to Google search results, the more people will be aware of your objective. This may bring more grants and more volunteers, which are the lifeblood of each non-governmental organization.

Multiligo is a Google Ads Premium Partner. One of its areas of expertise is to assist non-governmental organizations like yours in the application and approval processes of this grant program; and to allow your advertisements to be published in a matter that do not violate Google advertisement rules for effective results. In brief, we prevent your account being suspended in advance by means of this advertisement management that required expertise and manage this grant of Google in the most productive way on your behalf.

You may not have benefited from this grant yet or may have been benefitted; however, you are not getting efficiency and having problems. We would like to assist you in the steps you are required to actualize to arrange your Google Ad Grants and start publishing advertisements.

We will be happy to be by your side to increase your recognition, volunteers and benefactors by managing your account in the best possible way. If you would like to benefit from our expertise and the grant program, it will be enough to fill the application form and we will get back to you. Hope to meet you by well intentions

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Google Ad Grants
Advantages Provided

Google Ad Grants or Google for Non-Profits adds value to your organizations with its ad grant and additional advantages.
Hundreds of New Visitors
You can attract hundreds of new people to your web page with the ads grant and make them take a tour on your web site.
Creating Target Groups
You reach your target group directly by using the target group diffractions of Google Ads. You can give your message directly to your target group with effective advertisements.
Corporate Gmail
You can use corporate Gmail service for free by being a member of Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) thanks to Google Ad Grants.
Google Drive
You can use Google Drive for free for each user in your organization as well as your corporate Gmail address.
Effective Ads
You are directly viewed by users making searches on Google by using target group diffractions cleverly.
You can monitor and develop your studies by means of the ready and advanced reporting options of Google Ads.

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Danışmanlık hizmeti verdiğimiz STK'ların yararlandığı Ad Grants programından birkaç istatistik.


We have successfully applied for grants from dozens of non-governmental organizations.

Grant Received

NGOs 10,000 USD each month from Google has expanded its kind advertising domain taking grant

New Website Visitors

Millions of visitors came to the websites of NGOs thanks to these ads.

Other Advantages

In addition, on this grant page, they also benefit from various side rights of Google such as G-Suite and Cloud for free.

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With Google Ad Grants
10,000 USD Advertising

Contact us to ensure that your non-governmental organization can regularly benefit from this grant program and to use the grant obtained in the most effective way.

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