Digital Campaign Management for NGOs

It is important to use digital communication channels both to reach project objectives and develop resources.


One of the tools lately used by non-governmental organizations is digital campaign management. It is important to use digital communication channels both to reach project objectives and develop resources.

Project Objectives

Reaching the target group of projects by means of media and advertisements and social impact evaluation are among the frequently discussed matters. It is now easier to reach to the target group depending on the criteria such as age, location, sex and interests by means of digital communication platforms.


Digital Resource Development

It is critical to select the correct platform or platforms to reach individual benefactors. ROI (return on investment) parameter should be examined and discussed while making this decision.

If we can examine ROI, we can tell you for example how much 1 lira that you spend will bring you back in the period of 12 months. Sometimes non-governmental organizations may want to maintain communication on a certain platform to diversify platforms even though their return is low. 


Legal Legislation

Management of permitted databases on digital platforms, obtaining permit appropriately and compliance of GDPR texts with the regulations are among the primary considerations.

Database Management and Preserving Donators 

Ensuring that databases of persons that are benefactors participating in events, Step by Step Goodness Races are maintained in a systematical and secure way. It is important to send in mass as well as customized e-mails in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data in a way that is integrated with the Messaging Management System. Digital communication strategies will be formed accordingly by examining benefactor profiles and following their motivations for donation. 

Multiligo Team is competent with many database management softwares such as Fonzip and will support you about this.

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Special Days / Certificate Management

Multiligo Team will support you about the follow-up of special days that are one of the important donation channels of NGOs and management of special digital campaigns. Multilingo Team will provide recommendations and maintain advertisement studies about special days and to increase continuing certificate sales.

Reaching Corporate Donators

It is important to use LinkedIn platform to reach social responsibility projects and cooperations by reaching NGOs as well as benefactors. It is possible to reach relevant departments and persons with relevant titles and obtain grants by means of the experience of Multiligo Team in this matter.

Merchandising with E-Commerce

Multiligo Team having e-commerce experience in the field of trade is ready to support financial businesses of NGOs. A sales strategy including e-commerce infrastructure, payment method, campaign management and advertisement management will be prepared and submitted to you.

Live chat and email sending

We know that a small percentage of site visitors fill out the form or donate, page and form designs can be made to improve this. One of the new consumer habits is messaging, you can add a system allowing you to instant message with visitors instead of waiting for them to fill the form. By this way, they can ask questions about products/services instantly. 

Sending mass emails is one of the most traditional ways of digital marketing. It can be said to be one of the most effective marketing methods even though it is declining among consumer trends. You can send mass e-mails to remind potential donors who have contacted us, and to inform existing donors about new events or projects.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A medium and long-term digital marketing method to reach new customers in addition to advertisements, SEO (search engine optimization) allows you to be listed at the top by web pages on search engines. By this way, users searching on search engines click on your site and fill the form.


What Do We Do?

Digital Advertisements
We manage your advertisements on all platforms for campaigns and projects to reach their objectives.
Database, CRM consultation
We design systems on which your stakeholders, volunteers and benefactors are registered and make them ready for use.
Digital Marketing
We increase your visibility by using all digital instruments such as e-mailing, training records, live chat software, marketing automation for benefactors etc. as well as digital advertisements.
Web Site
We design your web site with language support and compatible with SEO for your objectives completely in a manner that is special for you.
We allow you to organically attract traffic by means of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.
Online Meetings
We meet with you monthly by means of tools such as Zoom, Google Meet etc., determine new objectives and hold a delighted conversation!

of our projects

We continue to support non-governmental organizations.


We worked with dozens of non-governmental organizations.

The Budget We Manage

We managed millions of dollars Google Ad Grants budget.

Number of Form Fills

The organizations we support, the forms in the projects have been filled by thousands of people.

European Union Projects

We manage the digital communication processes of the European Union projects of the organizations we support.

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