Why should you use Google Ad Grant?

18 January 2021by Barış Yaşbala

Google Ad Donations are a grant valued at 10.000 US Dollars that can only be used by non-profit organizations As an online advertising way, Google Ads for which millions of commercial businesses pay to use being offered with a grant free of charge is significant for non-profit organizations.

You can draw grants to your organization by means of Google Ad Grants; introduce your grant collection events, offer your support services or find volunteers intending to join your organization.

Google Ads work on a “quotation” service for keywords used by people on their Google searches. Your ads are viewed on Google search results and you can attract hundreds of clicks (visitors) to your web site by means of Google Ad Grant.

Why should you use Google Ad Grant?

1- Get 10.000 US Dollars of monthly ad grant

Google Ad Grants have been being used for more than 15 years. And I would like to remind you that this 10.000 US Dollars of grant is for each month. And now I would like you to think about the number of visitors you can attract to the web site of your organization with an ad grant of 120.000 US Dollars in a year.

2- Attract hundreds of visitors to your web site

Google Ads Grant may be the biggest source of traffic for many charity organizations. Unless you are a productive blogger, an interesting news source or an e-commerce site, it is difficult for charity organizations to attract hundreds of visitors daily; however, this is completely possible with Google Ads Grant.

3- Make use of Google’s advantages

You can access Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) free of charge, use free Gmail, Google Drive for the emails of your organization thanks to Google Ad Grants.

4- Obtain Grants

Let’s be clear; people do not search “charity organizations to donate to” on Google. A person can donate when they like and trust in your charity organization. Google Ads Grant is the first step of the journey of getting a lot of grants. With a well-thought strategy, Google Ads Grant may be useful to increase the grants to be provided to your organization.

5- Find your volunteers

You can use the Google Ad Grant to access a lot of people who want to work as volunteers of your organization. By this way, you can easily access the ideal person for your organization.

6- Offer your services

The vast majority of people use Google to search. The moment when they search services you provide on Google, you can show up to people and have the chance to show your services.

7- Develop a new digital view

Connecting Google Ads to Google Analytics can produce detailed data. You can find ways to make visitors of your web site return. Discover what your visitors think about you and what they are looking for and develop a better strategy on how to better improve your web site and create a better customer experience.

8- Announce your fund-raising activities

For instance, let’s imagine you are organizing fund-raising activities such as marathon/race. For this, you will need racers/participants. Why not advertise your activities entirely free with Google Ads Grant and find your own volunteer racers?

9- Become more visible

Google determines the view of the search result on normal (organic) search results by using your metadata. Google Ads is more flexible; you can create your advertisements and they generally appear at the top of organic search results so are quite visible. Would you not want a person looking for your organization to see your name at the top of the search results?

In conclusion;

Reach the right person at the right time with your marketing messages aiming at your organization. By this way, you can announce your activities and become more visible in the digital world while increasing the number of your volunteers.

Barış Yaşbala

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