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Social media is an excellent platform where everyone you would like to reach is present. When you make a strong sound on this platform, everyone will turn and look at you.


The general name of the platforms located on the internet, where companies, brands or people can explain themselves to their target groups as they wish is called “Social Media” and we can easily understand the reasons why social media is so widely used today. Brands or persons today can easily reach their own target groups through social media. They aim to deliver their own styles, perceptions and thoughts, the messages they want to give to millions of people.  Additionally, brands have the opportunity to freely select the social media platform that reflects what they have to say in the best way.

In the world of social media, it is becoming more and more important every day to have the right content, the right timing, and the harmonious management of visual or text work. As Multiligo, we support you in determining the right campaign strategies, adapting visual designs to the brand, creating texts that you want to reach more people, and all social media processes.


Social Media

We provide full-scope services in the social media content creation, design, introduction, advertisement and process management.
General Strategy
We determine your target group and form the marketing strategy by analysing competitors for brands, products or services. We maintain your account management by planning with short and long-term objectives.
Target Audience Strategy
We determine different target group strategies for each social media platform. With the right target group modelling, we make your brand reach more persons and communicate with users in the most effective way.
We develop different design alternatives to be used on your social media accounts and suitable for your brand. We plan to increase the interaction rate with designs that may attract the interest of the target group.
Quality Content
As Multiligo, we aim to ensure brand communication with followers and enthusiast mass by determining the content schedule on all social media platforms. While determining the content schedule, we pay attention to it being up-to-date and original and to preparing it with visual designs and texts to increase interaction.
Effective Ads
While keeping organic interaction at the best level, we further strengthen your brand with Instagram, Facebook and Google ads in line with your goals, enabling you to make the most efficient use of given ads and take an effective place on all platforms with different advertising campaigns and modeling.
Along with advertising campaigns and continuous sharing, we regularly analyze followers' interaction with your brand, identify new goals and strategies, and share them with you in order to make the most efficient use of your budget.

of our projects

A few statistics from the brands we serve on social media.


We managed the social media accounts of dozens of brands.


We have shared thousands of posts so far.

Industry Experience

We managed social media accounts in different sectors from medical products to technology, from food to clothing.

Reached Person

Our posts reached millions of people.

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