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20 February 2021by Barış Yaşbala

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You probably know Google Advertising (PPC). But are you also familiar with the Google Ad Grants program? In this sponsorship program, Now Google gives Irish non-profit organizations a monthly advertising credit of USD 10,000 for the placement of Google ads. In this post, we will guide you step by step about the Google ad Grants program, so let start!

What is Google Ad Grants

Do you want to make your concerns known via the Internet and thus address potential donors, supporters, and helpers? Then Google Ad Grants is a great thing. Because Now Google provides you in Ireland with 10,000 US dollars a month in this funding program in order to be able to advertise in Google search. Unfortunately, some functions are limited compared to the paid Google Ads.

The Path to Google AD Grants

Preparatory activities:

  • Check the suitability and thus eligibility of the charity or organization by (CHY number for Irish charities)
  • Apply to Google to participate
  • Website according to Google guidelines

AD Grants implementation:

  • Create an Ad Grants account and complete registration formalities
  • Prepare and submit an account for review

Your ad account:

  • Create campaigns and ads for your NGO
  • Submit account for Google review
  • Necessary, continuous account maintenance and optimization

Advantages for NGOs:

  • Get visitors excited about your project and your work, especially in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Approach and attract volunteers, prospects, and new members
  • Generate donations and donors
  • Point out actions
  • invite you to an event
  • Receive newsletter

The Restrictions on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)

  • Google Ad Grants ads are always displayed after the paid Google Ads.
  • The maximum bid for a search term cannot exceed $ 2.
  • Only text ads may be placed.
  • The ads only appear on the Google search results pages.
  • The structure of the campaigns is strictly regulated and violations of the requirements can be penalized by blocking the account.
  • The daily budget of 329 US dollars (extrapolated to the month approx. 10,000 US dollars) must not be exceeded. However, if they reach a budget of 9,900 US dollars in at least 2 out of 6 months, you can apply for inclusion in the Google Ad Grants program. If this application is approved, you will then receive an advertising budget of 40,000 US dollars per month.

The Eligibility criteria for the Google nonprofits funding program

They design the admission criteria differently depending on the country. For Irish charities and NGOs must be foundations, non-profit organizations, registered associations, cooperatives, or specific legal entities, all with an express claim to non-profit status according to (CHY number for Irish charities.

The following legal forms are eligible:

  • Cooperative
  • Society
  • Public Law Foundation
  • Church Law Foundation
  • Fiduciary foundation
  • gGmbH
  • gag
  • gUG
  • Public corporation

The following are excluded from the Google Ad Grants program:

  • State institutions and authorities
  • Health organizations and hospitals
  • Schools, educational institutions, and universities (excluding charitable branches of educational institutions)

And This is How You Apply as an NGO or Charity

If you meet all of the above guidelines, you can apply to participate in the Google program for non-profits. Please note that you have to enclose proof of your non-profit status with your (CHY number for Irish charities) as well as the statutes as a PDF.

If your application is approved, you will receive a validation code. You need this to finally be able to register with Google Ad Grants.

In order to apply to Google for inclusion in the Google Ad Grants program and to set up an Ad Grants account, you must first create a Google Ads account. 

Further information please fill out the form.

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