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We create customer request forms and build e-commerce and brand recognition advertisements in the most effective way.

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We organize digital advertising campaigns on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok etc. aimed at your objectives by use of Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform. We carry out studies on all these platforms in customer request form creation, e-commerce and Brand Recognition advertisements.


Multiligo generates results by showing your ads in Google search results, YouTube, mobile apps and games, and popular websites and blogs through digital advertising platforms. If you are an e-commerce business; the order form, and if you are a service provider searching customer information; the customer request form creates recognition advertisements intending to introduce you to the target group.


Digital ads are the most consistent platform in terms of measurability with the approach “what that cannot be measured cannot be managed”. Multiligo measures and analyzes your advertisement data in the best possible way and takes actions accordingly. It optimizes continuously with the Kaizen method and ensures you have a higher performance and lower cost advertisement model.


Multiligo is an official Google Ads partner, an agency using Google Marketing Platform and certified by all Google experts.

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We have an e-commerce site. We want to increase orders, how can we place advertisements?

After some simple technical arrangements to be performed on your site, we examine product groups and create the roadmap by immediately submitting our quote.

With our high e-commerce experience, we quickly complete the technical integration processes of your site, plan and deploy search, shopping and awareness ads in line with our goals.

If you have newly started e-commerce, we also provide technical consultancy and process consultancy in e-commerce processes.

We provide B2B service, how can we place advertisements?

You can be a dental clinic, an elevator manufacturer, or a photo studio. We have excellent solutions to allow you to reach potential customers looking for the services you provide. With the digital advertising model we call Lead Generation, we show ads to your target group looking for the services you provide and we enable them to reach you or transmit their information to you.

With the special integrations that we have developed, we can send a completed contact form to you via email, transfer it to your CRM system, if any, or add it to an Excel file instantly.

We provide a low-cost and high-comfort way of reaching your potential customers.

We are a non-profit organization, how can we place advertisements?

You can place digital ads to increase the number of your members, increase the amount of donations and the number of benefactors, publicize your work to a wider audience, or conduct awareness work on special days.

There are non-governmental organizations that have increased the number of grants and benefactors significantly due to the advertisement solutions of Multiligo. With our broad NGO experience, we understand your requirements, restrictions and objectives very well and plan your digital advertisements accordingly. We aim to move your organization forward with the budgets to be determined in addition to Google Ad Grants.

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How much budget should I allocate?

There are multiple factors to determine the budget you are required to allocate: your objectives, previous work, sector, opportunities, production/service capacity, competition in your sector. To determine this, we need to listen to you first.

How much will I pay you?

Transparency is one of the most important principles for us due to the discomfort we feel about the non-transparent practices in our sector. For this reason, we ensure full transparency by encouraging the organizations we work with to enter their advertising budgets by means of their own credit cards on platforms such as Google, Facebook or relevant platforms. We can for sure pay the amount unless there are organizations not preferring this application and share the breakdown if requested. In short, we do not intervene with the advertisement platform or the amount paid.

Additionally, we collect the consultancy fee from you and our fees may differ for each project since each project can be at different levels.

of our projects



We managed digital advertising campaigns of dozens of brands.

Budget Managed

The total advertising expenditures of our brands in advertising channels exceeded one hundred million.

Industry Experience

We have experienced e-commerce in different sectors from medical products to technology, from food to clothing.

Certified Expert

Our team of Google, Facebook and other advertising channels is made by certified experts.

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In your digital advertising campaigns, we multiply your sales with our high industry experience, expert staff and valuable solution partners.

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